A/B Testing

See what message will reengage the most users before you send to everyone.

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Optimize User Engagement

Experiment to see what resonates with your users. Consider changing up the tone: do your users prefer concise facts or cheeky, open-ended questions?

Take it a step further by trying new images, emojis, icons, sounds, and badges. Learn what it takes to stand out and reengage users.

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Mike Rome
One of the greatest things about OneSignal is that minimal engineering is required to execute tactics - from personalization and segmenting, to A/B testing, and beyond.

Test on Controlled Segments

Determine who you want to send the eventual message to - all users or a specific segment. OneSignal automatically creates an A and B group within these users.

We send the test messages to just enough users (5-25%) to reach statistical significance. The more users you select, the lower the percent required for the A/B test.

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Get Powerful Analytics

OneSignal's dashboard provides all the information you'll need. See what gets more clicks and gain powerful insight into customer behaviors.

A/B testing is available to everyone that uses OneSignal's platform. Try it today by signing up or scheduling a demo to chat with a push notification strategist.

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