Craft Customer Messaging Experiments with our Multivariate Testing Platform

Test to see what messages resonate most with your users to optimize campaign performance.

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Optimize User Engagement

Experiment to see what resonates with your users. Consider changing up the tone: do your users prefer concise facts or cheeky, open-ended questions?

Take it a step further by trying new images, emojis, icons, sounds, and badges. Learn what it takes to stand out and reengage users.

BetterMe saw a 22% increase in retention after using OneSignal’s A/B Testing feature to optimize their messaging.

Our platform supports iOS, Android, and more so you can easily test and optimize notifications across different devices.

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Test on Controlled Segments

Determine who you want to send the eventual message to — all users or a specific segment. OneSignal automatically creates an A and B group within these users.

We send the test messages to just enough users (5-25%) to reach statistical significance. The more users you select, the lower the percent required for the A/B test.

Leveraging A/B Testing for insight into improving message content, Vapronix saw conversion rates of up to 26%.

Get Powerful Analytics

OneSignal's dashboard provides all the information you'll need. See what gets more clicks and gain powerful insight into customer behaviors.

From our State of Customer Engagement report, A/B testing push notifications led to a 16% improvement in engagement on average.

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We’ll introduce you to our powerful multichannel messaging platform and some of the ways we can help you enhance your customer experience and grow your business.

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Customer-Facing Teams Love OneSignal

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“Browser notifications are an extremely effective way to bring people back. We use them to tell our community the moment a notable product launches and when users are mentioned in comments.”


Additional pageviews after 4 years

"We've managed to bring back tens of thousands of users to our website, generating some additional 1.5 million pageviews over the past four years."

"We’re not interested in developing our own system because we understand that creating something like OneSignal will take a lot of time. It’s just easier to have something that’s already made for what you need.”


of OneSignal users say using OneSignal is easier than their previous messaging platform.

“We were able to generate more engagement with the product and were able to attribute some transactional messages to these campaigns, which we consider a huge success.”


Increase in engagement

"OneSignal has helped us reach our online customers through push and in-app messages. Engagement has increased at least 100% since we started."

“We see OneSignal as a one stop shop for [push notifications] that we’ll be using for the foreseeable future.”


Average increase in ability to engage audience using OneSignal reported across survey respondents.

“It takes constant experimentation for weeks, even months, on end to find the right combination of elements that will convert. But if you stick with it, you will start exposing valuable trends over time.”

106% Reduced Churn on Android
+3.6% Overall Purchases

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