Data Tags Defined

Data Tags are custom key and value pairs of string data that are used to add custom properties or event data to user records within OneSignal. Once a Data Tag is created, it can be used to segment users, target specific audiences, personalize messages, and automatically trigger messages based on specific criteria or user behavior.

Data Tags are the building blocks for targeting devices using Segments or the tag API Filter as well as personalizing messages with Tag Substitution.

For instance, the Data Tag last_order tracks the most recent date that a user made a purchase from a company. Once created, this Data Tag could be used to create different user segments based on recent purchase date and send separate, personalized messaging campaigns to each group. Users that have made a purchase more recently might respond to 

Check out our Data Tag documentation for more information on how to create custom Data Tags for your app or website.

How to Use it in a Sentence

You can use Data Tags to enhance and customize your messaging strategy.

Common FAQs

Data Tags are easy to implement once you know how. Check out our video guide below or view our Data Tag implementation guide for step-by-step instructions to get started.

The type of Data Tags you create is completely up to you, your product, and your engagement strategy. For instance, gaming companies might create Data Tags to track player points, levels, and high scores, whereas an eCommerce company might create Data Tags relating to purchase activity and cart interactions in order to send automated abandoned cart notifications.

Data Tags are a mechanism by which you can target, automate, and personalize your messaging campaigns. Using Data Tags has been shown to boost message click-through rate (CTR) by 58%.