OneSignal vs CleverTap: What's the difference?

Customer engagement tools aren’t all created equally. See why customers are choosing OneSignal over CleverTap. Start engaging your customers with OneSignal today.

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A High-Level Comparison

CleverTap is a good fit for highly-resourced teams with large budgets and who have dedicated engineering resources for a longer setup process and ongoing management.

However, most companies need their messaging to do more or are strapped for dev resources. That’s how we’re different. OneSignal aims to streamline your messaging workflow across teams and departments. We combine powerful no-code tools (from segmentation to automation and testing), a fast and unlimited API, and top-notch support. And those are just a few of the reasons OneSignal is a G2 Leader for best usability, easiest setup, and enterprise.

For over 2M apps, OneSignal is a better choice.






  • Mobile

  • Web Push

  • Web Pop-Up

  • In-App Messaging

  • Email

  • SMS

  • WhatsApp

  • App Inbox





  • Free Plan: for small teams, offered for free (with unlimited mobile subscribers and up to 10k web subscribers)

  • Growth Plan: for scaling startups, starting at $9/month (with additional cost for push subscribers and volume of in-app, email, & SMS)

  • Professional Plan: for high-growth teams, starting at $999/month (with additional cost for push subscribers and volume of in-app, email, & SMS)

  • Enterprise Plan: for scaled companies who need total control, support, and advanced functionality (with custom pricing and volume-based discounting)


  • CleverTap doesn’t offer a free plan.

  • They offer Growth, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. To get cost information and see the product, you need to have a demo and go through a sales process to get access.



Campaign Tools



  • User Segmentation

  • Advanced Campaign Builder, both Drag-and-Drop and Advanced HTML

  • Custom Message Personalization

  • Automated Omnichannel Journeys

  • Timezone Delivery

  • Limited API



Insights & Analytics



  • A/B Testing

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Delivery, Open, and Click Stats

  • Engagement Trends

  • Integrations

  • Custom Data Events & Properties

  • User Profiles

  • Custom Reports

  • Data Imports and Exports

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A Generous Free Plan

Compared to our competitors, we offer an extensive free plan because we believe that our success is contingent on yours. Whether you’re a scrappy startup or large enterprise, we offer you the tools and resources you need to grow, as well as the context and confidence to make an informed decision. Our variety of plans give you a scalable growth solution without a significant cost barrier. In contrast, CleverTap’s short, 14-day free trial and high baseline price can be deterring for small and medium-sized businesses deciding where to allocate their resources.

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Easy Setup, Immediate Results

Although CleverTap offers a variety of messaging channels, their complex onboarding process can delay implementation and undercut the value you receive from the product. We pride ourselves on our detailed documentation library, powerful SDKs, and dynamic integrations to ensure efficient implementation and quick success with our products. Customers rank our quality of support and ease of use far above CleverTap.

Competitor onesignal uptime statistics

Reliability & Deliverability You Can Depend On

When it comes to message reliability, speed, and deliverability, we hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards. While CleverTap customers complain that messages often don’t reach their end users, we reliably power notifications for hundreds of thousands of apps. We also believe that transparency is an important part of reliability, which is why we publish our uptime statistics and offer features like Confirmed Delivery.

A Clear Customer Favorite

More than 25 times more mobile companies use OneSignal than CleverTap, which speaks to our status as a customer favorite. In addition, G2 reviewers rate us above CleverTap in almost every category. We are preferred for our in-app customizations, campaign features, content personalization, and more.

Andrew Baltazar
OneSignal had all the features we needed out of the box, could deliver messages across both web and mobile, and presented a leaner workflow. It was a no brainer.
Andrew Baltazar

Director of Product, Engagement, and Apps

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