OneSignal vs. Braze: What's the Difference?

Customer engagement tools aren’t all created equally. See why customers are choosing OneSignal over Braze. Start engaging your customers with OneSignal today.

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A High-Level Comparison

Braze is a good fit for highly-resourced teams with use cases that aren’t real-time or time-sensitive and with dedicated engineering resources for a long setup process and ongoing management.

However, most companies need their messaging to do more or are strapped for dev resources. That’s how we’re different. OneSignal aims to streamline your messaging workflow across teams and departments. We combine powerful no-code tools (from segmentation to automation and testing), a fast and unlimited API, and top-notch support. And those are just a few of the reasons OneSignal is a G2 Leader for easiest setup and implementation.

For over 2M users, OneSignal is a better choice.






  • Mobile Push

  • Web Push

  • In-App Messaging

  • In-Browser Messages

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Content Cards





  • Free Plan: for small teams, offered for free (with unlimited mobile subscribers and up to 10k web subscribers)

  • Growth Plan: for scaling startups, starting at $9/month (with additional costs based on channel usage)

  • Professional Plan: for high-growth teams with more advanced needs (with custom pricing and volume-based discounting)

  • Enterprise Plan: for scaled companies who need total control, support, and advanced functionality (with custom pricing and volume-based discounting)


  • Braze doesn’t offer a free plan.

  • To get cost information and see the product, you need to have a demo and go through a sales process to get access.

  • Their pricing normally covers monthly active users (MAU), channel allotments, data points, and onboarding packages.



Campaign Tools



  • User Segmentation

  • Advanced Campaign Builder, both Drag-and-Drop and Advanced HTML

  • Custom Message Personalization

  • Automated Omnichannel Journeys

  • Intelligent & Timezone Delivery

  • Connected Content API

  • Limited API



Insights & Analytics



  • A/B Testing

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Delivery, Open, and Click Stats

  • MAU and Engagement Trends

  • Integrations

  • Custom Data Events & Attributes

  • User Profiles

  • Custom Reports

  • Data Imports and Exports

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Api high throughput built to scale

Free Unlimited API Access

Whereas you must purchase a subscription to access Braze's API, we offer free unlimited API access because we believe that technical flexibility is a necessity in the messaging industry. We understand that every company, product, and use case is unique and we want you to have all the tools and resources you need to realize your vision. In addition to providing an open API, we pride ourselves on our detailed API resources and scrupulously maintained documentation library.

Why onesignal types of sdks for developers

Straightforward Setup

Although Braze offers a full-featured platform with substantial capabilities, taking advantage of those capabilities requires an extensive setup process that can increase the time it takes to see the value of the platform. In contrast, our extensive documentation and powerful SDK make it easy to start sending messages and optimize as you go.

Technical Flexibility Without Sacrificing Useability

We may be the number one app SDK used by developers, but we know from experience that building an exceptional product requires a diversity of ideas and skills. In addition to offering developers an open API and easy-to-use SDK, our dashboard was crafted with product and marketing professionals in mind, so collaboration is never stymied by technical know-how.

Personalization your way

Flexible, Straightforward UI

Our dashboard is simple to use and provides a variety of built-in customization options, so it’s easy to execute and optimize your messaging strategy without relying on technical support. Our flexible, straightforward UI is a key reason why we're favored for overall customer satisfaction, ease of use, key feature satisfaction, messaging automation and personalization capabilities, and analytical insight.

Competitor onesignal pricing

Try Before You Buy

Whether you’re a scrappy startup or a successful corporation, deciding how and where to allocate your resources is an important decision. Unlike Braze, we offer a robust free plan to help startups get off the ground risk-free and give larger companies the context and confidence they need to make an informed decision.

Along with providing unlimited push notifications and API access, our free plan gives you the opportunity to trial advanced personalization features and other messaging channels that are available on our Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Transparency in Action

We believe that transparency and communication are the foundation for strong customer relationships. Unlike Braze, we’ve chosen to make our pricing model and plan details public so that you won’t encounter any surprises down the road. In an effort to respect your time and trust, we also offer self-serve purchasing options, so it’s easy to get started or upgrade your account without jumping through hoops. At the end of the day, we want to deliver on our promises in a way that respects your preferences and your budget.

Competitor onesignal uptime statistics

Reliability is our #1 Priority

When it comes to message reliability and delivery, we hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards. It’s no accident that we’re the world’s leading messaging provider. Learn why we’ve earned the respect and trust of companies across different industries and countries — and why they chose to make the switch to OneSignal.

Andrew Baltazar
OneSignal had all the features we needed out of the box, could deliver messages across both web and mobile, and presented a leaner workflow. It was a no-brainer.
Andrew Baltazar

Director of Product, Engagement, and Apps

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