In today's competitive landscape, effective customer engagement is crucial for successful app and digital product strategies. Our annual State of Customer Engagement Report highlights the importance of diverse messaging and engagement strategies in driving user retention, conversion rates, and overall app performance.

Drawing from insights gathered from over 500,000 apps using OneSignal, coupled with extensive surveys across diverse app categories, global regions, and growth stages, our report unveils actionable insights to propel your growth in 2024 and beyond.

Key Findings and Implications

User Onboarding:

  • Apps using multiple channels for onboarding enjoy significantly higher retention rates at 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day intervals compared to those using a single channel.
  • Onboarding messages contribute to a 56.25% higher DAU/MAU Ratio on average, signaling increased user engagement.
  • Implementing onboarding messages leads to a 24% boost in install-to-purchase conversion rates, demonstrating the impact on user acquisition and revenue generation.

Looking to capitalize on these insights stat? Learn how to build an effective mobile app onboarding process and best practices for sending onboarding emails to new users.

Feature & Channel Usage:

  • Audience segmentation results in a 57% increase in engagement rates, highlighting the importance of targeted messaging.
  • Leveraging multiple messaging channels boosts average engagement by 35.8%, showcasing the effectiveness of omnichannel strategies.
  • Adoption of Journeys and iOS Live Activities correlates with higher 30-day retention rates and improved LTV/CAC Ratios. For inspiration about how to use this powerful new feature, check out our 22 examples of apps that are using Live Activities to enhance their user experience.

Push Notifications:

  • Personalized notifications yield a staggering 344% higher engagement rate compared to generic messages. Check out our message personalization best practices to discover more ways to enhance your engagement strategy.
  • Notifications sent with Intelligent Delivery outperform scheduled ones by 39%, emphasizing the value of timely communication.
  • Localization in notifications drives a 160% higher engagement rate, underscoring the impact of tailored content.
  • Retargeted notifications double CTR (111%) for users who didn't engage initially, illustrating the potential of re-engagement strategies.

Uncover More Customer Messaging Benchmarks & Insights

Our report dives deeper into opt-in benchmarks and retention rates by category, and actionable optimization tips to earn greater ROI from your marketing efforts. Whether you're seeking to refine your onboarding process, optimize your messaging, or enhance your omnichannel engagement strategy, our report provides invaluable insights and practical recommendations to give you an edge in 2024.

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