OneSignal strives to help you turn users into loyalists, and to empower effective communication that helps great ideas scale. At the core of this vision is ensuring every user has easy access to large groups of users, platforms and programming languages.  

In the past few months, OneSignal has added support for Wordpress VIP, a Shopify App, an Expo Integration, and now have added support for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) for Android devices.

Huawei is the world's second-largest smartphone manufacturer and represents 20% of the world's smartphone market share, including 20% of smartphones in Europe, 40% of smartphones in China, and 570 million monthly global smartphone users.

New Huawei devices will not support Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Channel, and HMS is required to send notifications to these users. This change impacts all-new Huawei devices, including flagship phones such as the P40 and the Honor 9X.

OneSignal's HMS support is live, including an updated Android SDK release and releases of wrapper SDKs including Unity, Flutter, React Native, Expo, Ionic, Cordova, and others. The Android SDK will automatically register the device as Google FCM if the device supports FCM, otherwise, it will register the device to HMS if the Huawei Push Kit is installed.

To set up Huawei support as an additional channel, just go to the ‘Settings’ tab then to ‘Platforms’ and click the edit icon next to ‘Huawei’. You need to setup Huawei SDK to start.

You’ll then drop in your Huawei Mobile Services Credentials, and be good to go!

Notification statistics, in-app messages, and outcomes will continue to work the way they work for existing Android devices.

Huawei SDK Setup documentation is here and the full documentation is here.