Rich Media Notifications

Elevate your push notifications with images, gifs, videos, sounds, and custom in-app experiences.

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Create Awesome Messages

Send push notifications with rich media so your messages are visually striking. OneSignal makes it easy to customize your badge, icon, and image - you can even use a gif or video as the image.

We integrate with the most popular apps/sites to grab and store images. You can insert images from Google Drive, a link (URL), Box, web search results... and a dozen other sources. Crafting rich notifications has never been easier.


Engage Users on Their Lockscreen

Rich push notifications are a great way to increase stickiness by sharing onboarding gifs and videos. You can build automated messages, so users get them a few days after they download your app.

Buttons under the notification allow users to choose whether they want to keep receiving specific types of push notifications.

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Cory Haik
We've hit on something with this very frictionless system of consuming the content on the lock screen. You can quickly get the story without tapping in, so you get everything you need from that notification.
Cory Haik



How Our Users Leverage Rich Notifications

News apps send snippets of breaking stories with photographs from the articles. Sports leagues deliver gifs from games, enticing users to click into live streams. Media sites use rich push notifications to provide full video trailers of TV shows and movies...

OneSignal users send millions of rich push notifications every day. Connect with a push notification strategist to learn how companies similar to you leverage rich media.

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Stay Innovative & Creative

Devices and browsers are constantly evolving, offering new ways to prompt, reengage, and segment users. And as they evolve, OneSignal does too. We're constantly rolling out new features.

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