Customer Engagement Interview Learnings

Episode 19 welcomes David Vallance, a journalist with Campfire Labs, who wrote OneSignal's Customer Engagement Journey eBook.

David interviewed a half dozen customer engagement practitioners from a wide range of business types and regions of the world - from SaaS B2B (Joe), professional sports (National Rugby League), consumer media (Softonic and USA Today Sports) and eCommerce (MuteSix and InspireUplift) - in an effort to understand best practices and illuminate what great customer engagement looks like. David joins the podcast to discuss some of the stories that didn't make it into the book.

The customer engagement starting point for all businesses is list building, getting consumers to opt-in to receiving push notifications, email, among other channels. 1) Start getting opt-ins today, it's the first and most important step towards building a loyal customer base. 2) Be relevant with every message, don't overwhelm them as these are the foundation of your list. Specifically, with push notifications, consumers can and will opt-out if they receive a lot of irrelevant messages. 3) You should be using push notifications and email, deploy marketing best practices.

Please listen to the podcast to hear more of David's insights and download the Customer Engagement Journey e-book.

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