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Atrapalo transforming travel

Transforming Travel

To succeed in competitive global markets, online travel agencies (OTAs) need to differentiate their offers and deliver the best customer experiences. This was the case for Barcelona-based agency, Atrapalo. The agency’s early success was based on a non-traditional business model, targeting customers year-round with hotels, flights, travel, leisure activities, and show tickets – all in their home cities. Today, Atrapalo has expanded its services to several countries across Central and South America.

Miguel Angel Mestres, CRM Manager at Atrapalo, oversaw the strategy and implementation of the company’s web and mobile marketing initiatives. Mestres understood that to successfully engage, retain, and build the sorts of sustainable customer relationships that drive long-term business success, his team needed to be able to effectively manage complex projects while orchestrating marketing campaigns and messaging flows across a variety of platforms and channels.

Atrapalo creating a brilliant customer experience

Creating A Brilliant Customer Experience

Creating an excellent customer experience across web, mobile, and in-app was paramount for Atrapalo to attract new users while developing a loyal base of repeat customers. Mestres and the team had utilized a number of push notification providers, such as Parse and Accengage, and even attempted to build a notification delivery system in-house, but none of these solutions fit the bill.

Seeking a platform that would help bring his team’s vision to reality, Mestres discovered OneSignal and was impressed by its ease of implementation as well as its wide range of capabilities.

Atrapalo personalized messages with segments

Personalized Messages with Segments

With over 60 segments, Mestres utilizes data tags to create highly defined audiences. This allows the team at Atrapalo to target the most appropriate and receptive audiences, increasing their users’ likelihood to take action when presented with promotions or suggested travel activities.

Predominantly targeting users by geographic location, Mestres is able to offer users the best deals in their local vicinity. This sophisticated use of OneSignal’s segmentation tools has allowed Atrapalo to achieve an 8% CTR with their mobile push notifications and a 6% CTR with web push when prompting their customers with cross-sell messages.

Atrapalo enhanced engagement

Enhanced Engagement with OneSignal’s API

Behavioural remarketing is a key component of Atrapalo’s customer engagement and retention strategy. Automated messages sent through OneSignal’s API enable Mestres and his team to develop and deliver notifications with ease.

Mestres utilizes automated messages sent through the API to deliver a sequence of abandoned cart messages that wins back customers and improves conversion rates. Additionally, he targets customers based on their search history and interests, and is able to send them messages automatically with personalized deals when they display specific buyer intent signals or triggers.

Each time a customer successfully makes a purchase on Atrapalo’s website or mobile app, the Atrapalo team leverages this as an opportunity to upsell customers with complementary products through automated messages as well.

Requiring little oversight from his team after initial set up, OneSignal’s API has helped to improve the team’s overall efficiency and simplify messaging flows.

Atrapalo & OneSignal

Atrapalo knows that it can trust OneSignal when it comes to connecting with their audience. OneSignal’s easy-to-integrate API allows Atrapalo to automate their push notification campaigns, personalize engagement with their customers, and transform the way the world plans their travel.

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