Want to optimize and expand your customer communication strategy this year? Our upcoming and recent webinars cover topics such as advanced user segmentation, content personalization, gaming industry best practices, successful in-app messaging and SMS strategies, powerful integrations, and advanced testing. Find out what's on the horizon and save your spot today.

1. Advanced A/B Testing to Improve Your Messaging Strategy

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 9am PT (12pm ET)

Host: Eva Wei, OneSignal Senior Product Marketing Manager

No messaging strategy is complete without a solid testing framework to make sure you’re optimizing all aspects of your messaging and increasing user engagement and conversions.

Senior Product Marketing Manager Eva Wei will walk through A/B and multivariate testing within the OneSignal platform and share tips and best practices to incorporate strategic testing into your messaging program.

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2. Connected e-Commerce Campaigns Need Connected Data: Web Push Notifications and SmartHub CDP

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 9am PT (12pm ET)

Hosts: Brian Starr, Enterprise Sales Engineer at OneSignal and Ryan King, Product Director of Demand Generation at Blueshift

Marketers are facing more competition than ever for customer attention — consumers receive as many as 60 messages each day. How is a marketer to break through? Personalization. Leading marketers in eCommerce are using data to personalize the customer experience and create relevant omnichannel journeys that increase sales.

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3. How to Improve Your Messaging Strategy With OneSignal SMS

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 10am PT (1pm ET)

Host: Sandeep Niwas, OneSignal Product Manager

SMS text messaging has the highest open and engagement rates among marketing channels, with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery. OneSignal’s new SMS tool is helping users tap into this critical marketing channel to round out their messaging strategy.

OneSignal Product Manager Sandeep Niwas will take you through our SMS API and SDK updates and functionality. He’ll also introduce you to OneSignal’s SMS tool and discuss best practices for adding SMS to your messaging portfolio.

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Recent Webinars

Implementing & Leveraging Mixpanel

OneSignal now seamlessly integrates with Mixpanel, an industry leader in analytics, which allows users to bring together engagement data from OneSignal with their in-app product data via Mixpanel to better inform their messaging strategy.

Customer Support Engineer Jon Fishman will demo our first ever bi-directional integration connecting these two powerful platforms and show users how to easily send OneSignal events into Mixpanel and Mixpanel Cohorts back into OneSignal for messaging campaigns.

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Advanced Subscriber Segmentation & Targeting

Grouping devices is absolutely critical to cut through the noise and deliver timely, personalized, and compelling messages to your customers. And segmentation is a key strategy to doing this in a meaningful and automated way.

Join our Customer Success Manager, Eyra Dzakuma, as she demonstrates how you can level up your use of OneSignal's segmentation functionally to develop advanced subscriber segmentation and targeting strategies to drive better user engagement and retention.

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Best Practices & Latest Improvements for In-App Messaging

For app developers, in-app messaging is a critical channel to onboard, engage, retain, and communicate with users, so OneSignal is constantly improving and evolving our in-app functionality.

Customer Success Manager Sasha Reagan will walk through the various upgrades we've made to our in-app messaging product, and share best practices on how to implement this key channel into your customer engagement strategy.

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Push Notifications for Gaming

Today’s web and mobile game developers are driving player engagement and increasing retention with push notifications.

Join OneSignal Customer Success Manager, Eyra Dzakuma, as she walks through push notification strategies gaming apps and sites can use to communicate with their players and improve the player experience.

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