OneSignal’s origin was a small mobile game studio I started in 2011 with my cofounder, Long Vo. We built push notifications in-house because the publicly available options were mediocre and expensive. After a while, we realized that the technology we built and the best-practices we learned for push notifications were something we wanted to share with the world. Too many developers have struggled to send reliable, relevant, or effective messages to their users, and the industry was overdue for a good solution.

Just a few years after that pivot, we’ve achieved a level of scale that Long and I never imagined. Every day, we deliver over 8 billion messages, and nearly 1 million apps and websites have implemented OneSignal to re-engage their users better.

Our vision is to empower great ideas to scale by enabling companies of all sizes to more easily re-engage their users. To better achieve this, we’ve always provided a fantastic free version of our product to help customers get started.

Over the past few years, our product has improved at a breakneck pace. In the last six months, we’ve nearly doubled the size of our engineering team. And in the previous 12 months, we’ve added In-App Messaging, Email Automation, Advanced Analytics, and we will soon launch support for SMS. In each case, these product additions have come with free versions for users to try them out and understand their value before they upgrade to a paid plan.

I’m excited to announce that we’re now rolling out a new pricing tier that starts at just $9 per month; That’s less than 1/10th of our previous minimum pricing. This lower-priced plan has been one of the top requests from our users, and it makes it easier for anyone to use OneSignal’s advanced features, even with a smaller budget.

Along with introducing this lower-priced plan, we’re updating some of our pricing tiers to make them easier to understand and better suited to our variety of product offerings. We are also adjusting some of the limits between our free plan and other pricing tiers.

For most of our users, these updates will make it much more affordable to start using OneSignal’s more advanced features. They will also help us grow our business to continue to provide world-class service to developers and companies around the world.

If you’re not yet using the product, get started for free today to see how easy it is to increase your user engagement and drive a 10%+ revenue increase. If you’re a OneSignal user, thank you for being part of the community, we appreciate your contributions to making the product better.