OneSignal is proud to announce that we’ve raised a $7M Series A round led by SignalFire alongside our previous investor Rakuten Ventures.

In the last few years push notifications have become the most important direct channel for communications between apps and users. With the recent addition of web push via the browser, push notifications can now reach billions of users across iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MacOS, Windows, Alexa, and more, supplanting all other forms of direct-to-user communications.

As OneSignal is the most widely used push notification platform on the internet, we have a big responsibility to our clients to deliver the best experience with this new channel. That's why we've raised this round - we're growing the team and building an even better product for you. This means:

  1. You can rely on us to be around for a very long time.

  2. We’ll have more staff to offer even better support and documentation.

  3. We'll be able to add tons of new features and capabilities to the dashboard, SDK, and API.

Most importantly, OneSignal emphatically remains a free product at all usage levels - we have no plans or intent to charge for our service, and will support clients of any size.

The Customer is our North Star

OneSignal has been built from the ground-up on customer feedback, and we're truly humbled by the amazing growth and customer interest we've seen over the past two years. Every feature we've built and every success we've had has come as a direct result of conversations with our customers.

As you may know, we’ve always offered customers a direct channel for support and engineering questions - something that few other companies do. We invest in this because we know how important it is that someone is there on the other side listening when we run into an issue, have an idea, or just aren't sure about something. Most recently, your feedback has resulted in a redesigned segments dashboard and the addition of notification categories on Android, and we have one more announcement to make very soon that we can't wait to share!

So please feel free to reach out at any time you have a question to ask, an idea to float, or something else to share - the door is always open. When we do something wrong, let us know. When we do something right, tell other people about us. We think we've become the largest push provider because this is our approach to the market, and we have every intention of sticking to it in the journey ahead.