With customers worldwide, we often hear about the struggles of communicating with a diverse user base. It’s not just a matter of knowing which languages your users speak or what plan type they’re using, but also how to send tailored messages based on this information.

To make sure your messages resonate, we’ve introduced Dynamic Content, which allows you to tailor each user’s message content based on their profile, so you can speak to users across languages, plans, or even their favorite sports team from a single message.

Unlock Your Campaigns' Full Potential

Dynamic Content isn't just about personalization; it's about amplifying the impact of your messages. This feature empowers you to craft experiences that resonate with your audience, fostering customer loyalty and retention.

From welcome emails to account updates, every interaction becomes an opportunity to deepen your customer relationships. Consider using Dynamic Content to personalize a variety of use cases:

  • Welcome/onboarding email
  • Promotions and flash sales
  • Weekly digests
  • Content newsletters
  • Transactional updates (e.g., account or billing updates)
  • And more!

Personalize these messages across languages, plan types, or other key attributes to create experiences that resonate with each customer.

Say "Hello" in Every Language

Hallo! Olá! Bonjour! With Dynamic Content, you can now easily speak directly to your audience in their preferred language. We hear from our customers that many of them communicate with users across 10+ languages. Instead of using segments for each language, now you can send a single message that speaks to users in their preferred language.

Translating your content makes your messaging easier to understand and makes each user feel seen and appreciated. This isn't just about breaking language barriers; it's about fostering genuine connections with users around the world.

Simple Yet Powerful Customization

If something is tedious to do, it often falls to the bottom of the priority list. That’s why we made Dynamic Content intuitive to use. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to customer engagement, you can use this feature to customize copy to suit your customer base. We’ve made it as easy as uploading your translations and using our formatted snippets—so you can say goodbye to composing a bunch of if/then/else statements.

Collaborate across teams in a spreadsheet, upload it to OneSignal, and copy/paste the relevant Liquid syntax. Once launched, each message will be dynamically updated at the time of send.

How to Use Dynamic Content

1. Multi-language Messages

Ensure each message resonates by templating for multiple languages. Create a multi-language message with our CSV template. Each part of your content—like headers, body text, and buttons—should have its own row, with language columns identified by language code. Input your translated content into the corresponding cells (and don’t forget to further personalize using Data Tags, such as their name).

Upload the finalized file to a message or template and then use the formatted Liquid snippets to place the content where needed. Try sending yourself a test email first and then launch this message to communicate with each new user in their own language!

Note: Make sure you’re setting Data Tags or language codes for the target segment and setting fallback language.

2. Personalized Content

Tailor content based on plan type with our Content Personalization CSV template, assigning rows for each message section and columns for plan types. After finalizing the content, upload and template your message. This way, each message becomes a tailored display of content or features suited to each user's specific plan.

Start Fostering Better Connections Today

Speak directly to each customer with OneSignal's Dynamic Content. This feature is available for push, email, and SMS messages and for all plans. If you want to try out this feature, you can create an account and test it out today.

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