Here at OneSignal, we’re big believers in the value of targeted messaging. Companies blasting generic communications to everyone are doing themselves a disservice, when crafting relevant notifications for specific audiences can boost open rates by 50%.

We’ve improved our audience filters and made the Country filter more flexible. Now, you can exclude a specific country or multiple countries from your target segment. This is especially useful for global companies, who often have different regional strategies and want to customize their messaging experience by country.

For example, a retailer might want to advertise a major sweepstakes, but needs to exclude certain countries due to legal restrictions. Or, a gaming company might want to offer a special boost to their players, but already has another special running in a country and doesn’t want to double up on promotions. In such cases and many more, companies can now easily exclude countries as part of their messaging strategy.

This update is now live on both the dashboard as well as in the OneSignal API.