We’ve heard from marketers that they struggle to use multiple channels to connect with their users, even though doing so can boost engagement by 36%. This quarter, we’ve focused on making effective cross-channel strategies more easily accessible, so businesses of all sizes can create better customer engagement experiences.


Introducing Journeys for Growth Plans

This February, we were delighted to make our omnichannel automation tool, Journeys, available for Growth plans. Now startups and growing businesses can automate cross-channel sequences, consolidating multi-touch campaigns and eliminating manual campaign management. Use a Journey to automate an onboarding flow to activate new users, a cross-channel re-engagement sequence to win back lapsed users, or multi-touch promotional outreach. Get started with Journeys from the dashboard, or check out our Journeys documentation and guide to for inspiration.

Automatically Target Users at the Right Time

Now that we’ve added support for custom time-based segments in Journeys, you can automatically target your users based on timely product behavior. Try using precise time filters to create a more cohesive omnichannel experience. For instance, if a user has just completed a purchase in your app, try using a mobile-first channel to confirm their order. Or, if they've been inactive for several days, try sending an email to bring them back to your app.

Understand Your Users in Journeys

We added new, deeper insights to Journeys so it's easier to evaluate and optimize your messaging strategy. Now, you can track overall user behavior, such as how many people have entered or exited a Journey in the last month, with our new Journey Report. Inside Journeys, Message Reports offer engagement data to help you assess the performance of each message. We’ve included Audience Activity in these reports too, so you can preview how each user has engaged with a message or export a full CSV to analyze in your other tools. With this information at your fingertips, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your customer engagement strategy.