Audiomack's Charlie Kaplan joins the OneSignal Podcast to talk about their business history, purpose and innovating on their mantra of music sharing & discovery made easy.  

Kaplan, Audiomack's director of product management & growth, explains they exist to enable creators to create.  They strive to provide a free forum for musicians to release their music and help them monetize their creativity via consumer subscription and advertising.  

With this latest application update, they have a mission to drive a feedback loop of artist discovery via push notifications.  They're accomplishing this via preference based recommendations delivered to users in a timely fashion when new music is released by their preferred artists and highlighting new ones that likely are of interest. Their goal is to drive usage, engagement, and serendipity of new music.  

The passion of Charlie and the Audiomack team is awesome to see, they've built a vibrant community and are supporting musicians and consumers across multiple continents.  OneSignal appreciates being part of their journey, and are honored to support their vision.  We hope you enjoy hearing the Audiomack story and take an opportunity to try out the service.    

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