Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialists play a crucial role in bridging the gap between apps and their users — a gap that sometimes feels like a canyon. They are often responsible for crafting meaningful communication strategies, analyzing user data, and optimizing engagement campaigns to nurture long-term relationships with customers.

Finding the right mobile messaging solution poses significant challenges for CRM specialists. The customer engagement landscape is complex, requiring a delicate balance between personalizing messaging to meet individual user needs and managing these efforts at scale to ensure efficiency. Many CRM specialists function in close coordination with a company’s product roadmap, making their choice for a mobile engagement solution that much more integral to success.

Let’s take a look at how CRM specialists can use OneSignal to meet their needs and enable them to build impactful and personalized user journeys with ease.

The Search for the “Goldilocks” Engagement Solution

Many platforms lack the flexibility, scalability, and integration support needed to execute sophisticated strategies effectively. CRM specialists often face difficulties in synchronizing messages across channels, accessing actionable analytics, and maintaining seamless communication without overwhelming their users.

OneSignal makes it a point to cater to these needs by offering a three-pronged approach that resonates with the sweet spot many CRM specialists are looking for:

  1. A Painless, Centralized Platform: As companies expand into new markets, it’s vital that they can quickly onboard and train new team members to maintain a seamless UX.
  2. Integrated A/B testing: For CRM specialists to make data-driven decisions and drive long-term retention, an accessible A/B testing suite functions as a engagement laboratory to continually optimizing campaigns for performance.
  3. Deep Personalization: It’s the lifeblood of retention and a crucial element of mobile messaging, helping turn casual users into loyal advocates.
“We use OneSignal because it’s simple to use and there’s the possibility of scaling campaigns. If you have a variety of campaigns and markets, giving everyone access empowers you to scale. It’s quite user-friendly compared to other tools — even for people who have never used them before.”

Traci Trang
CRM Specialist, Taptap Send

Unifying Campaigns Across Channels, in One Place

For brands with a global audience, automation is key to achieving sustained, meaningful engagement. Creating omnichannel flows through the use of OneSignal’s Journeys has proven, by far, to be the most impactful feature for CRM specialists. These Journeys not only help in coordinating personalized campaigns efficiently but also offer significant potential for scalability and application. Rather than manually running similar campaigns back to back, Journeys allows CRM specialists to consolidate campaigns into a single, drag-and-drop sequence to be triggered in real-time.

At OneSignal, we’ve worked with CRM specialists who have set up over 100 unique, multichannel Journeys. This demonstrates the ease and effectiveness of building a communication strategy using multiple channels in the same flow. Consequently, this approach allows for respecting user channel preferences and engaging with a wider global audience.

Journeys is particularly useful for onboarding users and assisting them in navigating the app. It helps users “unblock” themselves by providing guidance on how to use various features.

Optimize, Refine, Repeat With A/B Testing

With OneSignal, CRM specialists can optimize communications at scale by leveraging A/B testing within those multi-channel messaging flows we discussed above. By splitting Journeys into different branches and targets, CRM specialists can experiment with various messaging strategies across push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, and email. This allows for precise targeting and segmentation, enabling the identification of the most effective communication tactics for different user groups.

For instance, one branch of a Journey might focus on push notifications for users who frequently engage with the app, while another branch might prioritize email for less active users. This methodical approach ensures that each user receives the most relevant and engaging messages, thereby enhancing overall user experience and retention.

Use these A/B testing best practices to get the most out of your experiments:

  • Understand the benchmarks: Keep easy access to past results to set practical goals and interpret A/B testing outcomes.
  • Have a clear goal and hypothesis: Define what results you aim to achieve and predict the outcome to build effective tests.
  • Control your experiment: Change only one variable at a time for clear insights. Finalize one variant, then alter one variable in each subsequent variant.
  • Have a control version: Use a baseline version to measure the results of your variants.
  • Test the variants simultaneously: Ensure messages are seen at the same time and day for accurate comparisons.
  • Continuously experiment: Optimize strategy by testing various elements (subject lines, email layouts, CTAs, promotions, etc.)

By analyzing the performance of various branches over time, CRM specialists can identify which strategies yield the highest engagement rates and which ones need refinement.

An iterative process like this allows for continuous improvement and the development of a robust understanding of user preferences and behaviors. Consequently, CRM specialists can make data-driven decisions to optimize their messaging strategies, resulting in more meaningful and effective engagement with their audience. This approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also drives long-term growth and success for mobile apps.

Slice and Dice Data to Your Liking

OneSignal empowers CRM specialists to personalize communication with diverse audiences through advanced segmentation and analytics. This enables CRM specialists to tailor messages based on user behaviors, preferences, and engagement history, ensuring that each user receives the right communication at the most impactful point in their journey.

Whether creating custom filters or syncing audiences from existing analytics providers, CRM specialists can bring deep and effortless targeting to their multi-channel campaigns. Segments can be created based on several factors including:

  • First session
  • Last session
  • Session count
  • Usage duration
  • Amount spent
  • Purchased item
  • Language
  • App version
  • Device type
  • User tag
  • Location
  • Rooted (for Android)
  • Country
  • Test users

By leveraging OneSignal's advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities, CRMs can deliver highly relevant content, fostering deeper user engagement and loyalty. This strategic approach not only enhances the user experience but also positions CRM specialists to drive their company's growth by scaling personalized communication efforts efficiently across a large and varied user base.

Scaling Up Engagement With OneSignal

If you're a CRM specialist, we know how frequently you're held accountable for coordinating with different internal teams, optimizing campaigns, and maintaining alignment with product teams. It's a tall order and we think you deserve a platform you can depend on to get the job(s) done, without the need for a lengthy learning curve.

We encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about OneSignal Journeys, and in the meantime, try us out for free.

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