The 10th OneSignal podcast, hosted by Josh Wetzel, welcomes grocery senior mobile product manager, Lina Mamut, to the show.  

Lina previously founded a food eCommerce company, and currently works for a top 3 global grocery company.  Their focus is building mobile products to glue the physical & digital worlds.  Listen to them discuss the impact of COVID-19, how innovation happens in a traditional industry, and how push notifications/messaging support the grocery customer journey.  

Lina has founded a company, led product at another startup, and now works for a major corporation.  They have operated across the spectrum of a company's evolution.  Lina says

“Innovation is the acceptance that we live in an ever-changing world” and "...isn’t something we practice, it is something we live”.  

In discussing the importance of mobile,  

“everybody is carrying around their device”,  it's the one channel that enables constant connection for online delivery, in-store pickup, & promotional.  Messaging is the engagement fuel “Notifications are what they’re seeing”.

Hear Lina talk about the excitement of improving an essential service and the importance of essential workers and more.  

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