User Messaging Lessons from Facebook & LinkedIn's Newsfeed Product

The 14th episode of the OneSignal Podcast welcomes Zack Hendlin, OneSignal's VP of Product.

Zack joins the podcast to discuss his experience at driving the right message at the right frequency by user. Managing massive user scale at his previous two jobs, he learned the importance of rigor, contextual relevance, behavioral triggers, and testing in the process of every decision you make. He discusses how Facebook, LinkedIn and now at OneSignal, using tools such as A/B testing, are crucial to getting to the right user experience. Using analysis the OneSignal team did in Q4 (analyzing 118 billion messages over a 4 week period), there was a 50% engagement improvement by just segmenting users and A/B testing added another 10% lift. Hear more about the ways LI and fB drove user engagement, and how you can improve engagement for your business as well.

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