Hear How MuteSix Drives eCommerce Growth via User Retention

Episode 17 welcomes Moody Nashawaty, MuteSix Chief Strategy Officer, to discuss how they grow eCommerce businesses via user acquisition and retention.

Moody has an extensive digital marketing background across lead generation, social and performance marketing before growing MuteSix into a large agency, part of the iProspect family under Dentsu, with a strong focus on eCommerce.

Moody brings insights into how they think about user acquisition and retention for eCommerce brands on Shopify and other platforms. He says brands who scale should be looking to get 30% of their revenues should be coming from re-engagement of their core audience. He believes email remains the crucial retention channel but stresses SMS and Push are coming on strong, and brands should be adding them supplement and grow their businesses.

MuteSix & OneSignal share a customer InspireUplift, and published a case study that stated cart abandonment improved 182% and push notifications represent 10% of overall revenue for the eCommerce business

Please listen to hear more of Moody's and MuteSix's perspectives.

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