OneSignal vs VWO: What's the Difference?

Choosing between OneSignal and VWO? Compare our product and features below and learn about the key ways we’re different.

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A High-Level Comparison

The charts below give a high-level comparison of our channels, features, and pricing.






  • Web Push

  • Facebook Messenger





  • Free Plan: for small teams, offered for free (with unlimited mobile subscribers and up to 10k web subscribers)

  • Growth Plan: for scaling startups, starting at $9/month (with additional costs based on channel usage)

  • Professional Plan: for high-growth teams with more advanced needs (with custom pricing and volume-based discounting)

  • Enterprise Plan: for scaled companies who need total control, support, and advanced functionality (with custom pricing and volume-based discounting)


  • Limited free trial
  • VWO offers a Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plan, but plan pricing isn’t available publicly



Key Features



  • Basic Campaign Segmentation

  • Drip/Triggered Campaigns

  • Charge for API Access

  • Standard AB Testing

  • Limited Reporting Capabilities can slow down campaign optimization

  • RSS to Push notifications

  • Email and Chat Support

  • Permission Prompting

  • Rich Media Notifications

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Competitor onesignal pricing

Try Before You Buy

We offer a Free Plan that includes unlimited mobile push subscribers and up to 10,000 web push subscribers. Our aim is to provide a great free product, then offer more advanced features and higher volume usage on affordable, fair, value-rich plans. In contrast, many of VWO’s features can only be accessed in their more expensive products. VWO’s most basic offering, which includes web push and Facebook Messenger, begins at $99 per month for 10,000 subscribers. Optimizations like A/B testing are only available on VWO Engage’s Enterprise Plan.

Api powerful apis for all you need

Free Unlimited API Access

Whereas VWO restricts API access to its Enterprise Plan, we offer free unlimited API access because we believe that technical flexibility is a necessity in the messaging industry. We understand that every company, product, and use case is unique and we want you to have all the tools and resources you need to realize your vision. In addition to providing an open API, we pride ourselves on our detailed API resources and scrupulously maintained documentation library.

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More Reliable & Versatile Messaging Options

VWO Engage only offers web push and doesn’t provide SMS & MMS, email, or mobile channels. Despite VWO Engage being a web-first product, 1,000 websites have migrated from their product to ours. While we are used by over 300,000 websites, VWO Engage is used by less than 10,000.

A Clear Customer Favorite

It’s no accident that we’re the world’s leading messaging provider. Learn why we’ve earned the respect and trust of companies across different industries and countries — and why they chose to make the switch to OneSignal.

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Andrew Baltazar
OneSignal had all the features we needed out of the box, could deliver messages across both web and mobile, and presented a leaner workflow. It was a no-brainer.
Andrew Baltazar

Director of Product, Engagement, and Apps

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