OneSignal vs. Pushly: What's the Difference?

Choosing between OneSignal and Pushly? Compare our product and features and learn about the key ways we’re different.

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Multichannel Capabilities

Pushly offers web push notifications and caters to a small client base in the publishing industry. In contrast, we offer a much more versatile and established solution that can support clients beyond a single channel or vertical. Our multichannel capabilities are robust across mobile push, email, and SMS, and allow clients to reach their user base in a variety of ways as they grow.

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Evolving Together

In addition to offering a broader variety of channels than Pushly, we also have a much larger team supporting constant improvements and updates to our product. We are committed to building out our product with the full force of a growing company, which means we’re more equipped to respond to our client’s needs than a smaller company like Pushly.

As a more established player in the space, we maintain close relationships with browser vendors in order to stay at the forefront of market trends.

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We Deliver on Deliverability

We hold ourselves to the highest standards with regard to message reliability, speed, and deliverability, which is why we're the market leader in customer messaging. We believe that transparency is integral to reliability, which is why we publish our uptime statistics and offer features like Confirmed Delivery.

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Straightforward Pricing With Built-in Flexibility

We believe that transparency and communication are the foundation for strong customer relationships. Unlike Pushly, we openly publish our pricing so you won’t encounter any surprise fees or limitations. We’ve made all our plan details and features available on our pricing page to help you decide what option makes sense for your company and your budget.

A Market Leader

OneSignal excels in market share and feature rankings. We combine powerful no-code tools (from segmentation to automation and testing), a fast and unlimited API, and top-notch support. And those are just a few of the reasons OneSignal is a G2 Leader for best usability, easiest setup, and enterprise.

For over 2M apps, OneSignal is a better choice.

Andrew Baltazar
OneSignal had all the features we needed out of the box, could deliver messages across both web and mobile, and presented a leaner workflow. It was a no-brainer.
Andrew Baltazar

Director of Product, Engagement, and Apps

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