Segment Upload Wizard and Improved CRM Integration
Easily create a segment by uploading a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. You can pull in users you’d like to target from other sources such as your CRM system or user database - with no need to set user tags in code or use our API.

Simply create a file containing player ids or external user ids and upload it via the 'all users' screen in the dashboard to create a new segment.

This feature is available to OneSignal apps on our paid plans, and you can learn more about how it works here.

Batch Tag Updates
Sometimes your users take actions outside of your app - attending a conference, talking to the support team, you name it - that you’d like to be able use when targeting your push notifications.  You can already have this information flow through to OneSignal via our API, but we know that not everybody wants to have to write code to make this happen.

Now you can include these actions by simply uploading a CSV with the user information (either a playerID, external_user_id or both) and update the tags for those users -- no code required. You’ll be keeping your user’s attributes up to date in no time!

This feature is available to OneSignal apps on our paid plans.

User Timezone Delivery Comes to Automated Messages
We’ve added the ability to send based on a person’s time zone (as it is set on their phone or computer) for automated messages. This makes it simple to send a follow-up push notification to people the morning after they sign up for your app (in their local time zone), or to create powerful re-engagement campaigns that will reach people at a time that works for them.

This feature is available to OneSignal apps on our paid plans.

Notification History API
Want to know the specific people who were sent a notification? Now you can export a list of all the player_IDs who were sent a message with the Notifications History API. You can get the results via API, or as an emailed CSV.

We’re planning to further extend this to let you export the people who click on a given notification over the next few weeks.

This feature is available to OneSignal apps on our paid plans and you can learn more about it here.

Segments Export API
You could already export the list of people (along with their metadata) that belong to a segment via our dashboard, and now you can do it via the OneSignal API too! This makes it easy to know how many people you’d be reaching if you targeted a certain segment, or to even find and export lists of users based on their interactions with your app (such as sessions, in-app purchases, etc.)

This feature is available to both the free and paid plan members, and you can read more about it here.