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One of the most common questions we get asked is "When will Web Push work on iOS?". In December 2015, we published a post where we speculated we might see iOS Web Push introduced in late 2017.

While it seems we still have some time to wait, earlier this week there was an exciting development --

The Safari browser team has begun the implementation of HTML5 Service Workers.

Service Workers are a new browser technology and an important part of how Web Push has been implemented into Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. Previously, Apple has said that Service Worker support was on their "5 year plan", but it's clear that developers' voices have been heard and Apple decided to accelerate the development of this important feature.

Unfortunately Service Worker support on it's own is not enough to support Web Push on iOS. Nevertheless, this milestone makes us optimistic that Apple will take the next step to introducing Web Push support as well soon. Our latest estimate is that Web Push support may be introduced in mid-2018.

Web Push is already supported by Chrome, Firefox, Yandex Browser, Samsung Internet Browser, and Safari on MacOS. It is also coming soon to Microsoft Edge. As always, OneSignal will stay on top of these changes and add support for iOS Web Push when it becomes available.

To get started using Web Push, you can learn more about Web Push with our Case Studies, and sign up for OneSignal to get free access to a tutorial and tools to set up reliable and effective notifications for your website.