As 2020 wraps up, we’re still working hard to provide you with the messaging capabilities you want. We’re excited to launch a highly-requested feature: message throttling by send volume.

Usually, you want your messages to reach your customers as soon as possible. However, if you send messages to a very large audience, reaching everyone at once can result in a serious traffic surge. Although more engagement is a good thing, if your website and app are not set up to handle it, too much simultaneous traffic may result in server overload, slowdowns, and even outages.

To help prevent this, throttling allows you to control your push notifications delivery so you can match traffic volume with your server capacity. You can specify how many messages to send per minute and drive customer engagement without overwhelming your servers. Set throttling limits for your app with the flexibility to adjust for each notification so you can manage delivery depending on your message.

Many companies could benefit from throttling, including blogs and other sites that have a large following but haven’t yet scaled their infrastructure. Another good candidate would be online retailers that send coupons and want to ensure they can handle redemptions. Message throttling empowers you to better manage your message delivery timing without impacting your business operations.

Throttling is now available to our Growth, Professional, and Enterprise users. To learn how to get started, check out our documentation.

Still on a free plan? Upgrade your account to unlock send volume throttling and a variety of other powerful features to keep pace with your competition.