With Apple's release of Xcode 11, app developers can now build their iPad apps for Mac by using Mac Catalyst. Now, instead of building a native Mac app from scratch, developers can simply build their existing iPad apps as native Mac applications.

Push notifications are the first and often most important communications channel used by apps. They are an essential communication tool for any app creator. At OneSignal, we aim to support as many platforms as possible. We also like making things easy for developers. That's why we decided to add support for Mac Catalyst, making us the first major push provider to do so.

With the 2.12.0 release of our iOS SDK, developers will be equipped to implement push notifications for their Catalyst apps right out of the box. To build your app for Catalyst, read Apple's official docs here. Then add push notification support by simply follow our normal iOS SDK setup instructions like for a normal iOS app. OneSignal requires x86_64h , use this instead of x86_64 under "Valid Architectures" and "Architectures" in Xcode's Build Settings. Enjoy!

In the OneSignal dashboard, push subscribers from your Catalyst app will appear simply as "Mac"