How many different tools have you used at work today? Each one requires training and repetition to feel comfortable with. At OneSignal, we understand that we’re just one piece of your workflow and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish your goals. That’s why we’ve added several new features and enhancements that allow you to do more in less time.


Automatically Scale Your Sends with Email Auto Warm Up

Whether you have a thousand or a million subscribers, email warm up is essential when you start sending on a new provider. That’s why we automated this typically time-intensive, manual process with our new Email Auto Warm Up feature. Now, with a click of a button, you can gradually increase the number of emails sent for a single campaign over time. This ensures that you build a strong email reputation and that your emails land in inboxes, not spam folders. This feature is available for all OneSignal plan types, so get started today from the dashboard or email auto warm up documentation to learn more.


Organize Your Campaigns with Labels

The more you grow your messaging strategy, the more campaigns you'll have to keep track of in the Dashboard. Now, you can easily organize and find campaigns in the dashboard by applying a label to your messages. Add labels to keep track of different use cases, teams, languages, and more. Then, filter by the label for improved organization and content discoverability. Learn more about how to use labels for faster and simpler Dashboard organization. Labels are currently available to apply to push notifications, email messages, and templates in the OneSignal Dashboard.

Complete Your DNS Registration Directly from the Dashboard

It just got easier to set up your email sender identity in OneSignal. Setting up a sending domain typically involves multiple steps and support, but now you can easily do it yourself from the OneSignal dashboard. We’ve added Entri, the API for connecting custom domains, which makes it easy to set up an existing or new domain with OneSignal email. Simply log in to your domain registrar from the OneSignal dashboard to complete DNS registration.

Uncover More Insights to Contextualize Your Subscriber Growth

You can now be more hands-on with your dashboard graphs to better understand how your subscriptions are changing. Interact with the graph and explore if there have been positive or negative trends in people subscribing to your push notifications, email, or SMS.

Want to break things down even further? You can also analyze subscription trends by message channel or by platform, so it's easy to see how much traction you’re getting in Android vs. iOS. Our latest updates make it easy to keep an eye on new subscribers, so if you see an unexpected spike or downturn, you can draw meaningful connections to your specific campaigns or strategic changes. You can also compare results to different time periods, such as month-over-month, or examine different time periods to see how seasonality could affect your business.

New Year, New Look 😎

The OneSignal dashboard has been updated for a more modern look and feel. The navigation bar has moved from the top of the screen to the left-hand side to provide a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. While the functionality and organization of the navigation bar are still the same, you can now get where you need to go, faster.