Every message is an opportunity to engage, inspire, and build loyal customer relationships. However, limited resources, a lack of technical skills, and competing priorities can make it challenging to customize each campaign and sequence. That’s why this quarter we’ve added easy-to-use tools, built-in best practices, and convenient customizations to our platform, so you can craft more effective messaging that drives results.


Create More Engaging Messages with Dynamic Content

Customized messages lead to increased rates of engagement. That’s why we’ve added another way to deliver personalized messages: Dynamic Content. With Dynamic Content, you can send customized content across a diverse user base from a single push, email, or SMS message. Get started from the message or template builder, where you can upload a CSV of custom content, insert your Liquid snippets, and send.  

Dynamic Content is available on all OneSignal plan types. Try using Dynamic Content to:

  • Welcome each user in their preferred language
  • Customize an upsell outreach based on plan type
  • Highlight content in weekly digests based on content preferences

Ensure Emails Reach the Inbox

Strong deliverability is the foundation of any successful email strategy because it ensures that your emails actually land in users’ inboxes. This year, we’ve seen Gmail and Yahoo turn best practices into requirements. Now, bulk email senders should ensure they have authenticated their email domain, made it easy to unsubscribe (including the native list-unsubscribe functionality), and maintain low spam rates. We’ve made it easy to comply with these requirements with OneSignal email: authenticate your email domain as you go through onboarding, manage unsubscribes through both unsubscribe links and automatic support for list-unsubscribe, and monitor your reputation from the dashboard. To learn more check out our 2024 guide to understanding Google and Yahoo email sender requirements.

Personalize Message Delivery by Time Zone

Want to send your promotional campaign at a particular time, such as 10:15am? That 10:15am for you can be during someone else’s lunch break, or in the middle of the night for people in another country. With 38 time zones across the world, companies should be personalizing delivery time to optimize engagement. Now, you can easily schedule your emails for a specific time in each user’s time zone. Ensure your emails are received at the intended time of day to increase opens and clicks.