Over the last few months, the OneSignal has grown considerably. Our newly expanded engineering team has been working hard to improve OneSignal's performance, ease-of-use, and capabilities.
Here are some highlights of what's new:

Revoked permission Tracking for Mobile Apps

This new feature shows you a count of how many users are turning off notifications for your app in their device settings. The number increases when users open your app and their notification permission has changed to "Disabled".

This feature is separate from "Unsubscribed" users. "Unsubscribed" users are detected when you send a notification to users that have uninstalled your app -- but there are countless reasons why this might have happened, and it can be delayed by days, or sometimes not even detected at all.

In contrast, tracking Revoked Users is the perfect way to analyze whether your notifications are having a positive or negative effect.

This feature is currently only available for Mobile Push Notifications and Email. It will be coming soon for Web Push.

Exporting users from the dashboard

You can now export a list of your users and their data from the OneSignal dashboard. You can even create a segment and export only the users in that segment.

The export file will be sent your email as a CSV.

Live Status Monitoring

We've introduced a live status page to provide accurate details on OneSignal's uptime, service disruptions, or any other issues clients should be aware of.

You can find it at https://status.onesignal.com

GDPR and Privacy

We've updated our SDKs, APIs, and documentation to help clients meet GDPR or other legal requirements.

For the latest updates, please take a look at our SDK and Documentation updates blog post.

Thank you!

On behalf of everyone on the team, we want to thank you for your support. Your success is our focus and we're excited to keep improving OneSignal more each day.