The OneSignal team has been hard at work putting together some major new features that'll make using our platform even better.

From recurring in-app messages, to user tagging without any code, we've listed all our newest features here for you. Check it out and get started today!

Re-show In App Messages

You can now have in-app messages reappear based on time (e.g. once per day) or user actions (e.g. every time a user makes a purchase or gets to a new level).

This makes it easy to make in-app messages a core part of your app, like ongoing promotions, success messages, or upgrade prompts.  (Paid plans only)

Build Segments & Track Results using In-App Messages

Trigger Outcomes which can easily be viewed in the OneSignal dashboard based on what a user clicks in an in-app message.

Quickly analyze user engagement with the in-app messages you show them without any code, or create segments for personalized targeting. (Paid plans only)

Secure Your OneSignal Account with Two Factor Authentication

Protect access to your OneSignal account by using more than just a username and password.

Two Factor Authentication enables you to require a unique one-time-use code with each login to OneSignal, dramatically increasing the security of your account.

Huawei Support - Ensure you reach all of your Android users on Huawei devices.

We’ve added Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) support to OneSignal.

Huawei is the world's second largest smartphone manufacturer and represents 20% of the world's smartphone marketshare, including 20% of smartphones in Europe, 40% of smartphones in China, and 570 million monthly global smartphone users.

New Huawei devices will not support Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Channel, and HMS is required to send notifications to these users. Devices like the P40 and the Honor 9X are already affected by this change.

OneSignal's HMS support will be fully live mid June 2020, including an updated Android SDK release and releases of wrapper SDKs including Unity, Flutter, React Native, Expo, Ionic, Cordova, and others.

Pause Automated Messages

You can now pause automated messages from being shown to users - great for making edits or stopping old campaigns while still retaining the data in case you want to turn them on again.

A commonly requested feature, you can now simply ‘pause’ and ‘set live’ automated messages.

Updating Tags by External ID API

Using tags with our API just got even easier. Update tags for all player_ids having a specific external_id. Now, just use 'people' /external_ids as a way to update tags, instead of individual devices. (Paid plans only)

New API for Outcomes Released

We’ve extended the view_notifications API to now return outcomes associated with a specific notification.

A new outcomes API provides aggregated statistics with breakdowns for direct, influenced, and all outcomes.