We’ve now improved our API endpoint to provide deeper insight into user engagement with click data and Confirmed Delivery data across each platform. Understand your messaging engagement across platforms will help you optimize your messaging strategy.

How You Can Use This Data

These new improvements will give you more insight into your users. Now, you can easily see how different audiences respond to push notifications across your mobile and web platforms. This will help you identify how different audience segments behave and will also provide insight into the value of each platform.

Depending on your business objectives and the results, it may make sense to invest more in your successful platforms. Or it may make more sense to work on improving the underperforming platforms. You can also apply insights to your broader marketing strategy. For example, if Android users are more engaged, you may want to focus your advertising strategy on attracting and converting this audience.

You can also set up A/B testing across platforms to hone in on the messaging engagement tactics that work for each platform. For example, you could discover that different tones of voice resonate with different platforms because user demographics can vary by platform. Or maybe you find that images are less effective with a certain platform, but emojis will lead to a significant increase in click-through rate (CTR).

API Data Fields

As before, click data for each platform is available in your OneSignal dashboard, and Confirmed Delivery data is available in each notification report.

Now, the platform_delivery_stats field in View notification and View notifications APIs has been updated to also show that data broken down by platform. This will help with easier automated data ingestion and organization, as well as aggregating data across multiple apps.

You will get the following fields per platform:

  • Successful - number sent to Google/Apple/Windows servers
  • Failed - number rejected by Google/Apple/Windows servers
  • Errored - number rejected by Google/Apple/Windows servers because of errors
  • [NEW] Converted - number who have clicked / tapped on the notification
  • [NEW] Received - number of Confirmed Delivery

Due to platform limitations, such as with Apple’s Safari, some information is not accessible. See below for data availability across platforms:

Platform Converted Received
Apple iOS
Google Android
Huawei Android
Amazon Fire
Apple macOS
Chrome Extensions
Web Push (Chrome)
Web Push (Safari)
Web Push (Firefox)
Web Push (MS Edge)
Windows Desktop and Phone

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