Web push notifications have demonstrated their ability to be powerful and effective marketing tools. When adopted by businesses to interact with their audiences, web push notifications have been proven to increase conversions, improve engagement metrics, and draw more traffic to sites.

There are a multitude of web push notification providers available today that tout various features across a wide range of price points.

In this blog post, we examine some of the most popular web push providers available and see how they compare to OneSignal.


OneSignal is the leading push notification platform for companies in need of a best-in-class user engagement solution. The OneSignal platform takes less than 15 minutes to set up and requires little to no code for implementation, making it the ideal solution for organizations of any size.

OneSignal offers a host of enterprise-grade solutions for your marketing and engagement needs. Businesses can achieve hyper-personalization in their messaging through segments and data tags, as well as use customizable templates to prompt subscribers resulting in higher opt-in rates.

Marketers can also create sophisticated workflows and drip campaigns that deliver messages to users when they are most active. With features like automated messages, notification triggers, and intelligent delivery, OneSignal makes it easy to automate and manage your push notification campaigns.

The platform also provides A/B testing, real-time reporting, and tracking of custom conversion events which help companies gain invaluable insight into their marketing processes.

Over 1,000,000 developers and marketers have selected OneSignal as their user engagement tool of choice thanks to its ease-of-use, ability to scale, and industry-leading message delivery rates.


Key Differences

While Pushnami does offer an affordably priced plan, the cost scales exponentially as you continue to add subscribers. Customers are charged by the number of subscribers, and 30,000 subscribers with Pushnami would cost $300 per month on their Enterprise plan. For comparison, OneSignal’s Starter plan would be at $99 per month for the same number of subscribers.

Furthermore, Pushnami describes its Enterprise Plan as the best fit for those seeking to “manage the platform yourself.” It is not clear what level of customer support is offered on this plan.

Pushnami’s Managed Plan would appeal mainly to companies or enterprises that are seeking the attention a full service agency would provide. This plan includes a full implementation of the Pushnami platform, creative services, and a dedicated account team. However, these added services may contribute to a steeper bill.

It is also important to note that Pushnami effectively operates like an ad network. This means that Pushnami may provide a free or highly subsidized offering if the user allows them to deliver advertisements via push notifications to their subscriber base. Whether this is advantageous or  not depends entirely on what a business hopes to achieve with push notifications.


Key Differences

At first glance, Webpushr and OneSignal appear to have many features in common. However, there are vast differences in product quality, development, and reliability.

OneSignal is the most widely used web push solution on the internet with over 70% marketshare. In contrast, Webpushr has only 650 websites using it total, zero of which are larger websites.

Upon conducting a cursory search on LinkedIn, Webpushr doesn't seem to have a real team working on it at all, with just two employees and no actual company page. OneSignal's product has many more features on both free and paid tiers, and is continuing to be improved quickly. In the last quarter alone, the OneSignal team introduced features including "Confirmed Delivery" tracking, Advanced Analytics, Influenced Open tracking, and a Shopify app.

OneSignal delivers over 8 billion daily notifications for hundreds of thousands of applications, including top news sites, government organizations, and social networks. Our team takes reliability and performance seriously. We publish our uptime statistics publicly and are transparent with our users. Webpushr does not offer the same level of transparency, and we've seen some of their users switch to OneSignal with complaints about usability or reliability.

Additionally, OneSignal is used by over 100,000 active Wordpress blogs and is rated 4.5 stars with over 160 five-star reviews. Webpushr has only 7 reviews, and only about 700 installations (less than 1% of OneSignal).

Although Webpushr is less expensive, their product appears to be a low-quality rip off of our work at OneSignal. That's not an exaggeration. They even copied OneSignal's marketing text and neglected to replace "OneSignal" with their product name.

In summary, Webpushr has essentially attempted to copy OneSignal’s features pixel-for-pixel and word-for-word on their website. If you're looking for a push provider, it would be best to look elsewhere.


Key Differences

In a similar fashion to a number of other push providers analyzed in this post, Wonderpush charges solely based on the number of subscribers its users have. Wonderpush does not provide a free option amongst their plans, unlike OneSignal. Users may take advantage of Wonderpush’s 14-day free trial but after this brief period, they will have to pay a monthly fee regardless of how small their subscriber count is.

With OneSignal, users can utilize our Free Plan for as long as they please and develop a comprehensive understanding of the platform before committing to a paid plan. Users can send an unlimited number of web push notifications to 10,000 subscribers. Additionally, OneSignal’s Free Plan allows users to send unlimited mobile push messages to all their subscribers at no cost.

Wonderpush claims to have the highest delivery speed on the market of 350,000 messages per second. However, OneSignal routinely delivers over 1 million messages per second and even crossed a throughput record of 8.64 billion notifications in a single day during the 2020 United States Elections. Our users know that they can count on OneSignal when it comes to speed and reliability.


Key Differences

Pushwoosh’s free offering leaves much to be desired with its low threshold of 1,000 devices. This is especially disadvantageous for businesses who have yet to collect a significant amount of subscribers. These users will have no choice but to upgrade to a more expensive plan regardless of whether they’ve had the opportunity to build a critical mass of subscribers.

Moreover, basic features such as automated messages and message personalization only become available in PushWoosh’s Marketing Plan, it’s second to most expensive offering. By contrast, these features and many others are readily available in OneSignal’s Free or Starter Plans, and are readily accessible to organizations of any size or budget.


Key Differences

Formerly known as Pushcrew, VWO has the most complicated pricing model amongst the push providers compared in this post. VWO offers four products that differ in pricing and features based on the needs of the user.

After selecting the appropriate product, users must also choose from three plans - Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. These plans introduce even more complexity into the pricing structure and the final price varies based on subscriber count.

VWO’s most basic offering, the VWO Engage product which grants users the ability to send Web Push notifications and Facebook Messenger messages, begins at $99 per month for 10,000 subscribers. This makes VWO the most expensive push provider amongst the options evaluated here.

Many of VWO’s features can only be accessed in their more expensive products. For example, conversion funnel reporting is only available in VWO’s Insights product which begins at $169 per month, while A/B testing is part of the VWO Testing product that will set you back a minimum of $199 per month.


While there are certainly many other great web push notification platforms out there, OneSignal is the best choice when it comes down to reliability, ease of use, and price. Used by over 65% of the world to send push notifications, OneSignal has proven to be able to scale reliably with businesses while never sacrificing quality of product or support. Start your free OneSignal account today by signing up, no credit card required.