Chrome Web Push Notifications Support

Earlier this month, Google unveiled support for Push Notifications from websites in the Chrome Browser. We were well prepared for this announcement, supporting them for all developers on day one.

Just like mobile push notifications, web push notifications are the easiest possible way to re-engage your users and notify them of new content. Web Push Notifications lessens the need for websites to make their users sign up for mailing lists yet retain the power to send your users messages that they care about by simply opting in. It’s as simple as clicking a “like” or “follow” button. Even for mobile app developers, Web Push notifications are a good way to engage with your followers on their desktop to tell them about new apps or updates that you release.

We’ve set up a page with a demonstration of Web Push notifications here

Many OneSignal clients are already up and running with Web Push notifications in very innovative ways. One of our clients is Aciety, who uses Web Push to notify users about new user-to-user messages on their site. Aciety has generously created a PHP library for the OneSignal API and they’ve also written an excellent blog post about OneSignal and Web Push Notifications on their website.

Web push notifications take just 5 minutes to implement. Follow these simple directions to get started:

If you have a WordPress blog, we’re about to release a plugin to automatically notify your followers about new posts that you publish. Follow us on Twitter @One_Signal to be notified as soon as it’s ready.

If you have any questions about implementing Web Push on your website, get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help get you started.

We’ve Closed $2M in Venture Financing to Make OneSignal Even Better

We believe real time notifications on web and mobile devices are the best possible way for organizations to provide valuable and timely information to their users, and that OneSignal will become the ubiquitous platform for all types of notifications.

We’re not alone. We’ve assembled an incredible group of investors to help us achieve our vision of becoming the best possible notification delivery platform in the world. With their support, we are supercharging our efforts at providing powerful and free or low cost functionality to all developers and marketers.

You can read more about our financing and plans on an excellent article about us published by TechCrunch.

As always, thanks for supporting us as we move into the future of Push and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or issues getting OneSignal working with your products. We’re always here to help!

~ The OneSignal Team