GameThrive has reached a new milestone with over 500 developers signed up!

Read on to learn about our latest features.

  1. Windows Phone Support
  2. Marmalade SDK Support + Free Enterprise Upgrade
  3. Timezone Based Notifications
  4. iOS8 & Xcode 6 Support
  5. Updated SDK Libraries
  6. Improved Delivery Performance

Windows Phone (WP8) Support

GameThrive now supports Windows Phone 8!

We've released a native SDK and an updated Unity3D SDK to support Windows Phone devices. You'll also notice Windows Phone is now available in your GameThrive application settings.

Marmalade SDK Support

In case you hadn't heard, we've partnered Marmalade to bring GameThrive support to their large developer community. Soon, GameThrive will be packaged directly into the Marmalade SDK for Free Users. We'll update you when this happens.

We're also excited to announce that this partnership gives all Marmalade developers access to our enterprise plan free of charge!

Timezone Based Notifications

Ever wanted a notification to be delivered at 10AM, no matter what timezone a person is in?

Now you can do just that.

iOS8 Support

iOS 8 and Xcode6 bring some new changes to the notification system. We've updated our SDKs to be compatible.

You'll need to update to the latest GameThrive iOS SDK in order to build your app for iOS 8.

Updated SDK Libraries

All of our SDK libraries have recently been updated with several improvements and bug fixes. Make sure to update before releasing a new version of your app.

Improved Notification Delivery Performance

Need to send 5 Million notifications? Our system can now do it about 3X faster.