In late 2022, Apple released a compelling new Live Activities feature as part of their iOS 16 update. This unique feature is an interactive push notification designed by Apple to enable iOS apps to provide real-time updates to users from the iPhone lock screen.

What do Live Activities look like?

There are a few different presentation options available for Live Activities, including the Lock Screen presentation and “Dynamic Island” presentation. Apple’s Dynamic Island Live Activity display can be presented as a compact or minimal notification that expands when tapped.

How to Use Live Activities in Different App Categories

So, what iPhone apps currently use iOS 16 Live Activities and how are they using it? Below, we’ve included some interesting use cases that showcase the versatility and value of adding this feature to your iOS App.

Games & Task Apps Using Live Activities


This modern calculator app is lauded for its elegant, flexible UI and broad functionality. They were an early adopter of iOS Live Activities as a means to allow users to stay on top of calculations while moving across different apps and screens.


This unique productivity app helps motivate and reward task completion by allowing users to plant virtual trees which grow throughout a dedicated focus period or die when a user exits the task early. They’re using Live Activities to help users easily visualize their progress during a set focus period from their lock screen.

Using Live Activities to Manage Deliveries & Countdowns

Park Mobile

The parking meter app, Park Mobile, has been using push notifications to remind users when their meter is about to expire. Now, they've upgraded their communication strategy by using Live Activities to provide a real-time countdown in addition to periodic notifications to provide a more intuitive and seamless user experience.

Travel Apps Using Live Activities


Travel and delivery apps have one of the most straightforward use cases for Live Activities. Uber has quickly taken advantage of the Live Activities Dynamic Island widget to showcase driver information and provide real-time trip progress visualizations and pickup countdowns.


This live flight tracker provides detailed flight maps, live tracking, and delay forecasting. Although there are many airline-specific flight apps on the market, this one stands out for its thoughtful interface and timely notifications. They’ve leveraged Live Activities to help users track flight progress in real-time and stay on top of other important details such as gate and seat changes, early or late arrivals, and more.

News & Media Apps Using Live Activities


The MLB app allows users to easily track their favorite team's games with dynamic Live Activities that display the current score, inning, outs, pitch count, and runners on base. Their clean and effective use of the Dynamic Island widget makes it easy to stay current with all the pertinent game details with one quick glance.


The NBA app for iPhone recently rolled out Live Activities as an intuitive way to keep track of live game scores and view featured game stats.

Weather Apps Using Live Activities

CARROT Weather

This highly-rated, robust weather app provides current, hourly, and daily weather forecasts coupled with funny in-app dialogue, amusing animations, and lots of brand personality. Their ability to provide detailed information in an intuitive and delightful way has boosted their brand loyalty amidst a sea of competition. Because timely communication is their bread and butter, Live Activities was an alluring feature to enhance their UX further.

Social Media Apps Using Live Activities


The award-winning Reddit app Apollo, now provides user with the option to follow a comment thread in real-time from their lock screen by selecting “Start Live Activity” when viewing a comment thread on a post. Users can then keep the Live Activity or simply click “Turn Off” when they’re done following the thread.

Health & Fitness Apps Using Live Activities


This ski and snowboard app provides live GPS tracking, maps, and forecast information to users. Now, they’re using Live Activities to make it even easier for users to track their progress in elevation, distance, and time and keep tabs on friends who are on the mountain.

Gentler Streaks

This popular exercise app uses Live Activities to let users track their workout progress and health metrics like BPM from the lock screen.

Finance Apps Using Live Activities

Money Coach

Money Coach helps users keep track of their financial accounts and spending, set goals and budgets, and enhance their financial knowledge. They’re using Live Activities to help users track their real-time spending against their budgets and spending history to enable more awareness, transparency, and accountability outside of the app.

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