Use These CEO Strategies to Run a Successful Company

Learn about app growth opportunities that have emerged in the wake of the Epic vs Apple ruling.

Inside The Interview

Watch an exclusive panel discussion with the CEOs from OneSignal, RevenueCat, and Rapchat where they will discuss the Apple vs Epic ruling’s impact on mobile growth and retention strategies. Hear about growth tactics you can use to take advantage of web payments and understand how to reshape retention strategies for subscription-based business models.

Panel Guests

George Deglin, CEO of OneSignal

Jacob Eiting, CEO of RevenueCat

Seth Miller, CEO of Rapchat

Panel Host

Josh Wetzel, Chief Revenue Officer at OneSignal

What is a subscription business?

A subscription business model is an example of a recurring revenue model in which customers pay a recurring fee at regular intervals (e.g. monthly, annually) in exchange for a product or service.

How to Build a Successful Subscription Model Business

In this episode, our guests discuss six fundamental subscription optimization strategies, including: 

  1. Setting measurable goals
  2. Drawing insights from data
  3. Sending texts and push notifications
  4. Building deeper customer relationships
  5. Testing your pricing
  6. Improving your upsells and upgrades

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