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OneSignal is the first Unity Verified Solutions Partner in the messaging space

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About Unity & OneSignal

Unity is the world’s leading game engine and the top platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content. Filling the product gap that developers face when engaging and retaining users, OneSignal provides an easy way for Unity developers to connect with their user base with a best-of-breed messaging solution. OneSignal is already leveraged by over 30,000 Unity apps in more than 150 countries around the world.

Download the OneSignal Unity SDK
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How We Work Together

Our partnership enables Unity developers to seamlessly implement the OneSignal SDK through the Unity Asset Store without additional customization or code needed. By improving engagement and bringing players back to game play more frequently, OneSignal can increase retention and drive additional revenue opportunities for the Unity community.

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Overview of Benefits

See better engagement with your game titles and more repeat players

Scale, Speed, and Reliability

Best-in-class scale, speed, and reliability from the first Unity Verified Solutions Partner in the messaging space - messages never get stuck in a queue or send slowly.


Message personalization and segmentation to design custom user journeys - leverage Data Tags like upcoming level or lesson names and points or words learned.

First-class Support

First-class support for all popular messaging channels and devices including iOS, Android, Huawei, Amazon Fire, as well as SMS with MMS support, and rich email delivery.

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Multi-Channel Messaging for Gaming

Gaming companies can leverage modern messaging capabilities and personalization methods such as push notifications for in-game events, emails when friends send virtual gifts, or the promotion of new content through in-app messages. With a multi-channel messaging strategy specific to gaming, apps can better engage and retain players.

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