The New Go to Market Plan

We're joined by tech innovator, Reid Genauer, to talk about why marketers need to compete with compelling content & collaboration.

The 12th OneSignal podcast, hosted by Josh Wetzel, welcomes Reid Genauer, formerly CMO of Smule & Magisto, and business builder at eMusic & BitBop Mobile TV (Fox Acquisition) to talk why marketers need to compete with compelling content & collaboration.

Reid has had an awesome, diverse career over the last 26 years. Starting a successful touring band, Strangefolk, then Assembly of Dust, before getting into digital marketing in the early 2000’s with eMusic. He's been at the forefront of digital subscription businesses (eMusic; BitBop Mobile w/ OTT; Magisto and Smule) leading marketing teams as VP & CMO the past decade+.

Reid talks about how the old way of marketing brings the customers in and the product takes them from there is outdated. Reid's perspective, functions must partner across the user experience, as well as tools and processes need to be consistent. He elaborates on the importance of needing a new go to market play book to handle that the user now controls their journey with your product. His macro playbook: Compelling content & collaboration are crucial to building long term customer relationships. Organizations that accomplish this build credibility and when they ask for a purchase, the consumer is more likely to oblige, and their LTV (lifetime value) will be higher.

Reid is a unicorn of sorts, a highly creative person who understands that the melding of brand & performance marketing is the intersection of sustained success. He is a champion for positivity and posits "Less malaise and more praise” as a theme for social collaboration & marketing in general.

You can find Reid @ LinkedIn; Twitter; Instagram and his personal website.

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