USA Today Sports Media Customer Engagement Practice

Episode 20 welcomes John Turner, formerly a journalist turned audience developer at USA Today Sports Media Group who joined us to discuss his experiences developing digital media audiences

John brings a wealth of experience the past decade across old media's transformation to digital (Huntsville Times, The Sporting News, Golfweek) and the tools as well as best practices.

John talks about the evolution from print to digital, how audience scale is no longer the core goal as they transition to focus on subscribers (email newsletter, push notifications) are the goal today, and ultimately how paid subscription products for high-quality content maybe the future for content.

What are you trying to get users to do? “We want to see email newsletter opt-ins, we want to see single sign-on because we're fighting the impending Cookie apocalypse.”
Best Practice for customer engagement: “The big winner of the past decade has been’s become a major distribution's become a major monetization platform.”

Please listen to the podcast to hear more of John's insights, and if you're interested in reading more check out the customer case study USA Today Sports Media Group did with OneSignal earlier this year.

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