Scaling Rust to 5 Billion Messages Daily

We're joined by OneSignal's CTO, Joe Wilm, who discusses the utilization of Rust and new technologies to send 5 billion push notifications a day.

With OneSignal recently hitting 5 billion push notifications sent per day, we're joined by OneSignal's Chief Technology Officer, Joe Wilm, as we discuss how OneSignal has leveraged Rust and new technologies like Kubernetes to scale OneSignal's digital service.

We discuss Joe's early career at Lockheed Martin, and his decision to join OneSignal. We also go in-depth about OnePush, the delivery system for notifications written in Rust. OnePush at the time of deployment sent 2 billion messages a week and has now scaled to 35 billion in just 3 years.

By leveraging new technologies like Kubernetes, OneSignal is now able to efficiently maintain services on our servers that power our push notifications.

Joe finishes the podcast talking about new technologies that OneSignal may be exploring in our next phase of growth and how we can continue to maximize our efficiency without sacrificing performance.

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