How Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort Delivers an Olympic Experience

Tracy Chang, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort, joins us to discuss the creative ways they've used push notifications to enhance the resort experience.

In this episode, we're excited to be joined by Tracy Chang, Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort's Vice President of Digital Marketing. Tracy has been working at Palisades Tahoe for more than eight years and has been in the winter resort marketing business for 14 years. She joins us to discuss how Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort has leveraged digital channels like push notifications to iterate and improve the resort experience.

Listener Note: We recorded this podcast before Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort was renamed. In the recording, we refer to the resort by its former name, Squaw Valley Resort.

Podcast Highlights

(0:20) Intro

Tracy Chang, VP Digital Marketing, Palisade's Tahoe Ski Resort

(6:30) Enhancing the Customer Experience

Tracy discusses how they are working to improve the customer experience to reach new customers and improve their experiences using new technologies such as the Apple Watch.

(10:30) Experimenting with New Technology

Tracy discusses how Palisade's Tahoe has jumped on new technology, such as Apple’s ARKit, to build new visitor functionality, however in the case of ARKit, they didn’t release the innovation.

(12:30) Digital Deals Drive Engagement

Tracy talks about how their digital engagement goal is to be hyper-relevant.

“OneSignal’s push notifications have been instrumental in helping us to reach our goals. They are quick to implement and use. We use push notifications throughout our user’s journey." Tracy mentions how from signup to village arrival, visitors are provided weather and terrain updates. They even use it for crowd management. "On weekends there is a mass exodus at 4, if traffic is backed up, we can send a push about an apres-ski special to wait out the traffic.”
“We will utilize more OneSignal’s In-App messaging to educate users on the importance of providing a location, not to stalk them but to alert them of offers and experience while visiting”
“It is these micro-moments that help us build a deep relationship with our users.”

    (16:45) App Performance Exceeds Web Traffic

    The Palisade's Tahoe saw app engagement exceed the web and other channels, it’s becoming the primary channel to interact with its visitors.

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