Marketers Win in Consumer Moments & Forrester TEI Study Results

Forrester Consulting joins us to discuss the virtues of a moments-based marketing approach and the ROI of using OneSignal.

Inside the Episode

Our guests from Forrester Consulting join us to discuss the Total Economic Impact of OneSignal Study we commissioned and explain their framework for leveraging a moment-based marketing approach. 

What is "Moments-Based" Marketing?

The term "moments-based marketing" refers to a way of understanding a customer's experience with a product or service as a collection of smaller brand interactions, or "moments." In today's digital world, an individual customer or user may have hundreds of moments throughout their user journey. So how do you identify which moments to prioritize in your marketing strategy? And how can you capitalize on critical moments when users are most likely to upgrade, subscribe, or buy their services? 

Listen to the podcast to learn the answers!

Special Guests & Host


Joe Stanhope (VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Consulting)

Sean Owens (Forrester Principal TEI Consultant at Forrester Consulting)


Josh Wetzel (Cheif Revenue Officer at OneSignal)

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Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact of OneSignal Study

To learn more about the TEI analysis process, key study findings, and other insights from interviewees, download a complimentary copy of the study by following the link below.

Read the Forrester TEI Study