Building and Retaining a Streaming Video Audience

Learn insider tips from a digital media audience-building veteran.

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Episode 26 of the OneSignal podcast hosted by Josh Wetzel welcomes the digital media audience-building veteran Brad Schlachter to the show. Brad has a nearly three-decade career-building loyal customer audiences at Disney, Sega, MLB, Hallmark, and more. He joins to share his experience building Hallmark's and Motor Trends video streaming businesses, what messaging channels he's found success with, and some ideas on how to grow.

Brad shared some timeless tidbits such as asking the customer what they want and delivering it, using an example from his Motor Trend and Hallmark experiences. His advice is sound:

What's your Customer Retention priority?

    "Retention is about giving the customer more of what they want”

    What Messaging channel works best?

      Email is king, but "the most effective strategy is if you use multiple touchpoints and have all messaging channels (Email, Push, and others) work together.”

      Listen to the show to learn more and hear about Brad's experience building and growing audiences at Hallmark, MotorTrend and others.

      Special Guests

      Brad Schlachter (Head of Growth & Engagement at Simpler Media Group, Inc.)

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