eCommerce Expert Talks Shopper Messaging

Episode 18 welcomes Kunle Campbell, 2X eCommerce Podcast & eCommerce consultant.

Kunle has two decades of digital marketing experience, he's published 263 podcasts and has been an eCommerce expert focusing on driving 2x growth for eCommerce businesses. Kunle joins the OneSignal podcast to discuss the best customer messaging practices for eCommerce businesses.

Campbell says eCommerce businesses should use email, as well as deploy Push Notifications, SMS, and other tactics to ensure every business is meeting their visitors and shoppers in the channel they prefer, however, he cautioned against using push notifications too much.

"I take them like salt, use sparingly. You need salt in your food, but you're not going to just throw it all in. People expect that emails will be flooded, but they don't expect to be bombarded with notifications. We'll just turn it off. So use them vary sparingly".

Listen to hear more of Kunle's insights.

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