OneSignal Co-Founder's Path from Successful Artist to Leading with Empathy

Episode 15 welcomes Long Vo, OneSignal's Co-founder & COO.

Long's passion is art, specifically game art. He was a co-founder of Gaia Interactive and is well known for his work on the Street Fighter series in the 2000s. Long joins the show to discuss his career journey, how his past experience led to OneSignal and its meritocratic & empathetic startup culture.

Hear Long's point of view on the formation of OneSignal, how his upbringing prepared him to be the culture leader for a fast-growing startup and why empathy is so important.

"I think no matter how large the company gets we shouldn't lose empathy for one another. I'm not fond of any environment where people tear each other down rather than build each other up. And I'll do my best to make sure that everybody in the company feels supported to the best of my ability."

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