Building Real-Time Infrastructure

The 13th OneSignal podcast welcomes OneSignal VP of Engineering, Matt Daley.

Matt joined OneSignal in March after spending the past 2 years as Facebook's real-time infrastructure and core data engineering manager. Previously Matt was CTO at a messaging task management software startup called Redbooth.

Matt joins to talk about his experience building engagement tools for Redbooth, supporting real-time communications at Facebook, and his thoughts on the journey ahead for OneSignal. His experience building messaging at a startup, supporting the world's most robust messaging solution in the world, and how he views developing a similar scale for the rest of the world at OneSignal.

Matt provides anecdotes about managing technology systems, culture, and scale. He says Facebook's culture was strong, built on a "blameless" mindset and he tells an intern story that reinforced that culture.

"Build versus buy equation is very different for a large company versus a small one. Facebook effectively builds everything. Facebook builds its own hardware. They build their own containerization tools. They build their own IDE. Everything at Facebook is homegrown and that's because Facebook has really, really specific needs for their sort of massive level of scale...but there's a really active build versus buy consideration because there are so many great world-class open source tools and paid tools available to simplify so that you can focus on your core value prop."

Daley discusses how developing scaled systems will contribute to OneSignal's expectation of growing capacity more than 10x the next few years. Hear more of Matt's perspective on the podcast.

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