Convert your website into native Android and iOS.



Seamlessly convert existing web applications into native apps for Android and iOS.


App/Web Creation

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GoNative.io Website

What is GoNative.io

GoNative takes your existing mobile-friendly website or web application, and converts it to native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The modern web is powerful, and mobile-responsive sites can already perform well on mobile devices. GoNative leverages your existing web stack to serve and layout page content, while seamlessly integrating native features to achieve a native user experience that feels the way native should.

  • Updates to your website automatically flow through for your apps
  • No need to maintain Android & iOS source code at all
  • No templates used – your existing website shines through
  • 100% your own branding, published under your own developer accounts

How we work together

  • Prompt users to subscribe to push notifications
  • Set up and delete tags on OneSignal devices
  • Send notifications directly to a user or list of users
  • Send custom OneSignal templates to specific users, segments, or by tag filters