The 11th OneSignal podcast, hosted by Josh Wetzel, welcomes Dogpatch Advisors Kyle Williams.

Kyle has been at the cutting edge of outbound messaging development work for some of the most successful software startups in the world (Google Apps, Segment, Drift & OneSignal). Kyle joins us to talk about the components of great messaging, addressing Gartner's (80% of marketers will abandon by 2025) personalization prediction, and what's important as marketers strive to improve the quality bar.

Kyle on Gartner’s prediction

“Spiritually wrong but technical right” however he later says “We are not going to get away from a world where you are not relevant and context to your customers”.

He explains that personalizing a message is synthesizing observations to deliver insight to the recipient.

The Fogg Behavioral Model, which states for a behavior to occur, motivation, ability, and a prompt must occur at the same time.  This is why contextual relevance is crucial  in your customer touch points.   Listen to the full episode to hear Kyle discuss testing strategy and the importance of personalization in messaging.

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