In our OneSignal podcast, we interview influential entrepreneurs about creating exceptional digital experiences and driving business growth through customer communication. Our topics range from customer messaging to digital marketing, product strategies, industry news, best practices, and more.

In episode 22, we welcome Mick Rigby, founder & CEO of the mobile marketing and app growth agency Yodel Mobile.  Since Yodel Mobile was founded over 13 years ago, they've worked with established brands and startups to help launch and scale their mobile user experience. Yodel Mobile has earned the Outstanding Contribution to the App Industry award and has been named App Growth Agency of the Year several times.

In this episode, Mick Rigby discusses:

  • Whether to build a mobile-responsive website or a mobile app.
  • Whether to focus time and resources on user acquisition or retention.
  • How message creativity and language should be a core part of your mobile app's strategic plan.
  • Four strategic pillars to developing a mobile app retention and growth plan.
“Your app will only succeed If you're able to build a relationship and retain the users that have downloaded it. We call it flipping the funnel.”

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