The Case of the Missing Users: Your Mobile Re-Engagement Toolkit

You’ve stumbled upon a major breakthrough in the pursuit of user re-engagement. This toolkit is handcrafted to help you breathe new life into dormant users and uncover your hidden growth potential using irresistible re-engagement campaigns across multiple channels.

What’s Inside

Bringing users back from the brink of churn is a mystery worth solving. Here’s the evidence:

User Journey Mapping Template

Stay hot on the trail of your users’ behavior with our customizable template — this tool empowers you to map the pain points of your users, enabling you to meet them where they are most likely to return.

Videos — Ready For Action

Get a glimpse into precisely how to set up a re-engagement campaign with OneSignal and how to avoid message fatigue by avoiding over-messaging.

Strategic Articles

Uncover new ways to re-engage across multiple channels through our curated blog posts, offering insights, real-world examples, and extra resources for revitalizing user relationships.

Identify New Re-Engagement Opportunities

Gain direction and inspiration with our field guide to user reactivation, featuring the best customer segments to hone in on for successful re-engagement.

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